Middlegame offers a rich history of providing marketing response modelling solutions for FMCG companies across the globe. We focus our analytics on evaluating all the potential scenarios that may influence shopper response. Clients see the implications of the scenarios unfold and define what moves deliver true incrementality as opposed to simply transfer demand from one product to another. Each scenario-planning exercise is presented as a marketing story that walks clients through data to a clear recommendation.

“There’s no looking back. Middegame’s experience, philosophy and proven approach have resulted in salient business outcomes for my brand.”

The Middlegame position

positiongraphicMiddlegame is the point in a chess match where a player has most of his pieces and is simultaneously planning and acting out attack and defense strategies.

Like the game of chess, you have many alternatives for your next move, but each needs to be aligned with what you did last and what you will do next. At the same time, you need to think through all your choices in the context of what the other player is doing. His actions are shaping your strategy as much as you are.

True to our brand, Middlegame offers its clients the confidence to make the next move by reducing uncertainty in their decision. We use analytics to identify choices and explain the implications of each before you commit precious resources.

Our approach to scenario-planning differs from other marketing analytics providers by addressing the anticipated outcome for every SKU (your portfolio and your competitors) in every channel. Similar to the pieces in chess, each stakeholder can now evaluate the trade-offs of your potential choices and collectively apply them to create win-win results.

Achieving the best ROMI

romiMiddlegame is the only ROMI consultancy of its kind that offers a holistic view of the implications of resource allocation and investment in the marketplace.

The Middlegame Advantage helps you achieve the best return on your marketing investment by:

  • Reducing uncertainty
  • Driving brand performance
  • Leveraging insights from scenario planning
  • Using analytics to reveal opportunities so you can make educated choices
  • Recognizing how your competitor’s strategy is shaping yours
  • Understanding decision impact across the entire marketing spectrum

Our history

mapMiddlegame was established in 2002. Our clients will tell you that we help them leverage their full marketing portfolio to gain and exploit positional and material superiority around the globe.