Getting to Know Bayesian

As "new blood" enters the workforce, I am pleased to see the technical skills at the client growing again as well as the desire to understand the more technical concepts behind our approach to shopper response analytics. In the last … Continue reading

Pricing Done Right in a Recession

Incrementality is easily overlooked during a period of economic expansion. We would argue that doing so is bad business when environmental conditions are good. Further, failing to understand the contribution of incrementality versus transferred demand in a downturn can be … Continue reading

Cross-Sectional Variation … More Important than Ever

I try not to let the blog turn into a sales pitch. But during a recent discussion on how to encourage clients to invest in Middlegame  services during COVID-19—or once we finally emerge from the pandemic—my business partner Vegard Søhus reminded me that … Continue reading

The COVID-19 Situation Further Emphasizes the Importance of Simplicity

We like a lot of the things that they do at the fellow analytics firm, SKIM. We take a slightly different approach to understanding shopper response: we explore the historical context of the "wide-angle view" with all the competitive products in all … Continue reading

Why the Name Middlegame?

All of us have been through a series of rough months so restarting the blog little less serious than usual has been on my mind.  We haven’t been asked about the name of the brand for years, but it came … Continue reading

Marketing Metrics Across the Globe

We often refer the book Marketing Metrics: The Manager's Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance. I sent a used copy to a client after highlighting several of the Chapter Seven elements on pricing. The book is easily the best source for marketers … Continue reading

New and Smaller Brands need Competitive Interaction Analysis (CIA)® Just as Much...Maybe More

Numerous analysts and pundits have documented the recent significance of new entrants across categories. They have also noted the challenges these are putting on the large multinational FMCG firms. The dominance of their big brands is rapidly declining. The most … Continue reading

Category Definition

We built the Competitive Interaction Analysis (CIA)® platform to work with any combination of geographies, time periods, and products. However, this flexibility has often haunted us when we freely offer to utilize any combination of products for a client-driven definition of … Continue reading

The Flaw of Averages

Sam Savage coined the phrase "the flaw of averages.”  I date myself too often in this blog, but I was lucky to discover Sam in 1992 when I was fortunate to attend one of his "Quantitative Management Tools for Spreadsheets" seminars. Monte Carlo Simulation … Continue reading

Agility at Scale

We recently found another wonderful article that the McKinsey team, specializing in FMCG, put together. "Agility@Scale: Solving the growth challenge in consumer packaged goods" defines how to overcome the uphill battle many FMCG categories and their manufacturers currently face. The answer … Continue reading