Our approach to analytics is based on the proprietary Competitive Interaction Analysis (CIA)® platform, an exclusive and comprehensive modelling engine that delivers rich, reliable data as you:

  • Define the level of interaction or substitutability between competitive products.
  • Evaluate the ability of marketing options impact SKUs and influence the market.
  • Estimate how marketing initiatives affect category size.
  • Generate and examine scenarios based on the possible actions of you or any other competitor in the market.


Competitive Interaction Analysis® White Paper

Since initial development in 1994 at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, the CIA® platform has been used in both emerging and developing markets. More than 500 studies and 60 FMCG category analyses substantiate its approach in using a wide angle view to address multiple shopper response metrics across the spectrum of marketing levers (media, assortment, pricing, and merchandising).

Learn more about CIA in a downloadable white paper.

nothingwastedgraphicNothing wasted. Everything gained.

At Middlegame, it’s safe to say that no good data goes unused. That’s because the Middlegame team knows the value of every bit of data – past, present, and future – and how that data can be transformed into analytics and a strategy that will catapult your brand.

viewgraphicView from a wide angle lens

By starting with a broader view, you can evaluate the success of your SKUs by conducting an entire shopping exercise. This results in more robust observations that inform goal setting and build better promotional plans.

considergraphicConsider your choices

Middlegame’s tiered approach to decision making lets you see how analytics are converted into marketing stories and how those stories are translated into strategic choices. Imagine analyzing multiple perspectives in different dimensions. The opportunities are limitless while the pathways are clear.

insightsgraphicMore insights for more brands with more efficiency

CIA expands traditional marketing analytics by offering you more and better insights, including the ability to imitate competitors’ moves, shift current resources to discover new outcomes, or even use analytics to innovate completely new options.

Software for Scenario Planning

The ATG Platform™ is designed to help you explore models and data developed by the Middlegame CIA® analytic engine. The user-friendly interface lets you organize the rules for your scenarios, have them executed, and compare results in Middlegame’s cloud-based software.