whymiddlegameWhy choose Middlegame? We give you three great reasons:

REASON #1 – Great People

People with the expertise to guide you to business success

Meet the Middlegame team for yourself. Discover what’s made this company a formidable player in the competitive field of marketing strategy, planning and investment and see how they’ve helped their clients succeed.

REASON #2 – Great Solutions

chessScientifically proven solutions like Competitive Interaction Analysis (CIA)® platform

Our approach to analytics is based on the proprietary Competitive Interaction Analysis (CIA)® platform, an exclusive and comprehensive modelling engine that delivers rich, reliable data. Learn more.

REASON #3 – Great Results

Outcomes that build brands

Middlegame has a track-record for helping clients transform data into analytics and a strategy that catapults brands. Learn more.

businessmenWhat others are saying about Middlegame

A Category Director explained that they were “able to generate a double-digit increase in return (category profitability) by adjusting the promotional calendar leveraging our output”.

A Senior International Insights Manager explained that the organization was “seeing the chances of gaining consensus with the sales force and brand teams double or triple by demonstrating the expected impact across the entire portfolio before objections could be made”.

A Customer Insights and Sales Strategy Manager explained that they were “now spending the majority of their efforts focused on the strategic relevance of the results where before that time was simply on collecting the numbers from multiple model outputs”.

A Vice President responsible for Global Knowledge & Insights stated that he was “amazed by how Middlegame was able to shift their focus from discussing analytics outputs to reviewing decision alternatives with their internal clients”.

A Director of Revenue Management in Asia shared that “instead of spending my time interpreting and integrating information from multiple sources I am able to focus on defining and testing commercially viable options”

A European Director of Analytics let us know that “by working with Middlegame on their assortment challenge with a core retailer, the company was able to demonstrate how they could consecutively eliminate friction with the channel partner, reduce an enormous amount of complexity in daily execution, and generate annual profit margin gains of over €12MM.”